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Signature High Value, Low Price® Gym Cements Commitment to Provide Inclusive Fitness Opportunities for All with Financial Support, Free Premium Memberships for CAF Athletes and New Ad Campaign Celebrating Extraordinary Athlete with Physical Disabilities
SAN DIEGO, October 27, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In culmination of its companywide fundraising efforts for its premier charitable partner, the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), EoS Fitness presented a check for more than $106,000 to the nonprofit organization focused on empowering athletes with physical disabilities by eliminating the barriers to fitness so they can participate in sports and physical activity.
Year-round fundraising efforts are just one part of the company’s commitment to making fitness inclusive and accessible to all. Through its multi-year partnership with CAF, EoS is the title sponsor at CAF’s signature Community Challenge EoS Fitness Tour de Cove and Yoga by the Bay. The company is also providing complimentary Platinum Plus gym memberships for eligible athletes with physical disabilities across the United States.
"This is the second year of our long-term partnership with CAF, and we’re beyond astounded that we’ve raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars through donations and fundraising. The EoS Fitness community of our members, team members and partners have all stepped up to support our initiative to provide fitness opportunities to challenged athletes, and our overarching goal of making fitness inclusive and accessible to everyone," said Shilpi Sullivan, CMO of EoS Fitness. "And we’re not done. We are continuing to support CAF athletes all year round through fundraising efforts and in-gym donations to make sure athletes with physical disabilities will always have a place to train, get healthy and prepare for competition."
EoS also introduced a new ad campaign this month celebrating extraordinary athletes living with physical challenges. The campaign features San Diego-based CAF athlete Tara Butcher, a runner, mountain climber and yogi who is a single leg amputee as the result of a 2005 accident. EoS advertisements featuring Tara can be seen nationwide on billboards and in digital media and direct mail.
"CAF has helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a competitive athlete – from running the New York City Marathon to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro," said CAF Athlete Ambassador Tara Butcher. "The CAF partnership with EoS Fitness has helped empower athletes like me to dream big and put in the time at the gym to reach our fitness goals. Being featured in the newest EoS ad campaign is another example of breaking down barriers and I hope these ads inspire others to look at fitness and sports through a more inclusive lens."
For the second year in a row, EoS was the title sponsor of Tour de Cove in San Diego, California, a part of the CAF Community Weekend featuring the 29th Annual San Diego Triathlon Challenge. The Tour de Cove presented by EoS Fitness, which took place on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2022, was a 4.5-hour stationary cyclethon led by EoS Fitness instructors to the sounds of the ‘80s. The fundraising cyclethon featured over 100 stationary bikes on the lawn overlooking Mission Bay at the center of the CAF Community Weekend. Attendees also participated in Yoga by the Bay Presented By EoS Fitness, a 90-minute outdoor yoga session and experience.
"EoS has been an amazing partner over the past two years not only raising funds, but also changing the conversation around accessible fitness," said Kristine Entwistle, CAF’s Chief Executive Officer. "Athletes with physical disabilities want gyms that welcome them and know how to adapt training, classes and how to stay fit. Our partnership with EoS is changing that and creating a more inclusive world. We are grateful to EoS for supporting challenged athletes inside and outside of the gym."
With over 100 locations open or on the way nationwide, EoS Fitness provides a space where every athlete can thrive and reach their training and fitness goals with access to amenities like indoor lap pools, MOVEoS Cinemas, turf functional training areas, the latest Group Fitness classes and knowledgeable team members. For more information on EoS Fitness memberships and Challenged Athletes Foundation Grants visit https://www.challengedathletes.org/eos_fitness_grants/.
About EoS Fitness
EoS Fitness, a leader in the fitness industry with its High Value, Low Price (HVLP)® gyms, is an inclusive and welcoming organization committed to empowering exercise practitioners of all experience levels. With more than 100 locations open or on the way in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Southern California, Texas and Utah, EoS Fitness is rapidly expanding. Providing serious fitness options, EoS Fitness offers the best equipment, high-energy workout classes, extensive personal training options, and at-home workouts starting at just $9.99 per month. EoS Fitness’ nearly 600 trainers have the knowledge and technical expertise to help members find their personal passion for wellness, develop daily fitness habits, and achieve their goals. Visit Eosfitness.com to learn more.
About Challenged Athletes Foundation
The Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) is a world leader in helping people with physical challenges lead active, healthy lifestyles. CAF believes that participation in physical activity at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life. Since 1994, more than $147 million has been raised and over 40,000 funding requests from people with physical challenges in all 50 states and over 70 countries have been satisfied. Additionally, CAF’s outreach efforts impact another 60,000 individuals each year. Whether it’s a $2,500 grant for a handcycle, helping underwrite a carbon fiber running foot not covered by insurance, or arranging enthusiastic encouragement from a mentor who has triumphed over a similar challenge, CAF’s mission is clear: give opportunities and support to those with the desire to live active, athletic lifestyles. To learn more, visit challengedathletes.org.
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