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Jul 30, 2022
WELCOME TO THE CLUB — Local officials welcomed the 24/7 Fitness Club to Wintersville with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located at 100 Main St., the gym offers convenient access to a variety of exercise equipment in an environment designed to be user-friendly. — Warren Scott
WINTERSVILLE — Area residents who have been wanting to get in shape but haven’t been able to find the time or were turned off by the atmosphere of some gyms are encouraged to try the newly opened 24/7 Fitness Club.
Located at 100 Main St., near Ferguson’s House of Furniture, the gym lives up to its name, allowing people of all ages to schedule exercise around their other commitments, said Amber Starkey, its manager.
Starkey said each member has access to the club through a keycard system, while she and fellow certified fitness trainers Tanner Wise and Carrie Shaffer are available to assist them from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.
The gym’s wide array of exercise equipment includes treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, resistance training machines and free weights of various sizes, including dumbbells weighing up to 125 pounds.
Starkey noted the gym has a turf section for group sessions but said there are plans for a separate room for that purpose, among other improvements.
In an effort to encourage a large number of people to try the gym, the 24/7 Fitness Club is offering introductory memberships for $10 for a limited time.
Starkey noted many people feel uncomfortable about working out in a gym, so to help put them at ease, the club is offering complimentary introductions to the club where newcomers can spend about 30 minutes there learning about the equipment and sharing their fitness goals with its staff.
A native of the Mount Vernon, Ohio, area, Starkey spent her high school years in South Carolina, where she participated in track and volleyball and became interested in health and fitness as a career.
She has earned a degree in nutrition and also is available to counsel club members in that area.
Marriage brought her to Wintersville, and she likes the friendly nature of the people of the Ohio Valley and its close proximity to many things.
“I like that I can be in three states in minutes,” said Starkey.
She said a career in fitness appealed to her not only because she has a personal interest in it, but also because it offers an opportunity to help others.
“It’s exciting to be able to help people change their health in a positive way. You’re investing in something that goes beyond you,” said Starkey.
Bobby Ferguson, the club’s owner, said he will focus on customers’ needs as his family has done in operating other local businesses, such as Ferguson’s House of Furniture nearby.
“We hired a great staff. They do a really great job of creating a fun family atmosphere,” he said, adding, “It’s really great seeing everyone some in and working toward their fitness goals.”
For information about the 24/7 Fitness Club, call (740) 275-4140 or visit its Facebook page or website at
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