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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates a Magnemite spaceship inspired by Electric-type Gym leader Iono and her blue and pink companions.
One of the Gym Leaders of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been revealed, and a fan has already designed a Magnemite spaceship inspired by the blue and pink Pokemon that float around her head and act like buns in her hair when resting. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are releasing this holiday season, and with it coming up soon, more details like the Electric-type Gym leader continue to release ahead of the launch.
Reddit user SirCheesus posted a brief clip earlier today of a unique Magnemite-inspired spaceship that resembles a combination of the Gen 4 Pokemon Megnezone and Iono's blue and pink Magnemite shown off in a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer. A recent YouTube video from the Official Pokemon channel gave the Gym Leader Iono a proper reveal, highlighting her attire, personality, and career as a combination of popular livestreamer and successful Pokemon trainer. While many Pokemon fans were interested in Iono and what they could expect from her as a Gym Leader, SirCheesus focused primarily on the unique Magnemite.
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SirCheesus' short Pokemon clip is mostly animated to emphasize the lengths the fan has taken to make it look like a living spaceship as the games successfully make Pokemon feel life-like. The Magnemite spaceship flies through a starry background with a happy expression and towards the conclusion of the video, it twirls one of the three magnets attached to its hull. Like with Magnezon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the spaceship has a glowing antenna that may act as a source of power, and the pink and blue Magnemites inspired by Iono are mostly stationary as they are atop the Gym Leader's head.
Like with previous generations, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet include a track of Gym leaders to work through in order to get to Victory Road and beyond, but unlike the classic games, there are alternate paths that Pokemon trainers can take. The Victory Road path includes Gym Leaders like Grusha, the Ice-type character, Brassius, who has a Grass-type roster, and Iona with her team of Electric-type Pokemon that may include the aforementioned Magnemite. The alternate journeys that trainers can take are the Path of Legends which has Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players take on Titan Pokemon with academy upperclassman Arven and Starfall Street is a clash against the rival gang of Gen 9 known as Team Star.
While several Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans expressed their enthusiasm for SirCheesus' creativity in the Iono-inspired spaceship, a few stated that they'd like to see a Magnezone that resembles it. It's currently unclear if the two Magnemite unveiled alongside Gym Leader Iono will be wild in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a regional variant, but it already has part of the community rallying behind it.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for Nintendo Switch on November 18.
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