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If you’re stuck in a workout rut, then it might be time to switch things up. Lucky for you, Orange County’s coolest gym is gearing up to open their newest location in Laguna Hills this fall. Motion Fitness is a unique group fitness center that fuses heart-pumping music, movement and community. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned gym junkie or new to the fitness game, Motion welcomes all levels and provides a safe space where fitness and entertainment collide. Here are five reasons Motion Fitness Orange County is different from your average gym. Sign us up!
When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, a solid support system is everything. Having accountability keeps you motivated, and the tight-knit community is a key component to training at Motion. This fitness family takes pride in cultivating a judgment-free zone and understands their community unlike any other. They encourage uniqueness and embrace people from all walks of life. Not only will you have support from the staff, but also from the inspiring people who are working out alongside you.
Music is the foundation at Motion Fitness. Their intention is to transport you to a music festival with every workout! “As avid goers of music festivals we wanted to create that atmosphere, and we wanted to add the physical workout principle into that experience,” explains co-founder Kenny Nguyen. You can expect custom-made playlists with everything from underground house and hip-hop to EDM. The music is played on a nightclub-quality sound system to really help get your heart (and fists) pumping. There’s no denying that loud, motivating music helps you accomplish a workout. 
Fast and functional training is the motive at Motion. Each workout is only 50 minutes with a new focus depending on the day of the week. Whether you decide to drop in on a Tuesday for leg day, Wednesday for some midweek cardio and abs or Friday for slower focused lifting, the one day of the week you won’t want to miss is Saturday! Not only does Motion offer yoga, but the morning class is typically a big workout party! “Saturdays are really fun days; Kenny sets up a big block party, and we bring in local vendors. It’s pretty amazing to see,” says co-founder Ryan Hall.
The trainers at Motion Fitness are more than mentors leading you through every workout. They are “EnterTrainers” that encourage, uplift and inspire you to transform into the best version of yourself. Imagine a group fitness class with a personal trainer feel. Regardless of how large the class may be, each trainer is taught how to cater to every individual. “It takes time for current Motion trainers to develop and become unique the way they are,” mentions Nguyen. If you’re a trainer interested in their high-vibe style of coaching, Motion is always looking to add new entertainers to the team!
Thanks to the empowering music, talented trainers, consistent regime and uplifting community, results are seen pretty quickly at Motion Fitness. However, you can expect the results to be deeper than a physical transformation. At Motion, members experience a full-on change in their minds, bodies, spirits and lives! “They can go as far as they want physically–and in their life. We’ve had members meet their business partners or their wife here. It’s just releasing yourself to what Motion Fitness is, following the protocols, following the system and trusting the journey. Everything gets better,” shares Hall. 
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Locations: Irvine, Laguna Hills, San Diego (coming soon!)
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