Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: Oct. 19 Edition – Centenary College Athletics

Hey Ladies and Gents! It’s junior Izzie Plaza here with this week’s Gym Talk.
The Ladies this week have been working hard in and out of the gym to stay on track to come into the season strong! We are so excited to have our Head Coach in place so that we can take on the rest of this year with solid leadership. Speaking of Leaders, I would like to give a shout out to our new team Captains, Sophomore Emma Lavelle and Senior Kendall Huff and another shout out to our Senior Rose Deshler for her new place as Academic Captain.
The team spent the first weekend of fall break going home to their families, but once everybody was back, we pushed headfirst into practice on Wednesday. The Ladies were looking strong in the gym. Thursday after practice, we headed to Shades of Blue Lake House to strengthen our team outside of the gym. Shout out for the amazing place to stay. We spent time playing cards, alligator hunting, and scaring ourselves at a bonfire. The Ladies have finished their mission statement and can’t wait for this team and teams in the future to carry out the mission of Centenary Gymnastics
I know that practices after retreat are always good, but WOW! Nobody could touch the ladies at practice, they were on fire! Can I get a round of applause for all the vault shakers killing their new vaults, Freshman Sophie Schmitz tuck full is picture perfect, Sophomore Emma Lavelle and her aggressive half on, and Carissa Martinez with her sky high Yurchenko full.
Overall, this week was unforgettable! We are working hard to get better every day, and nothing is going to stop us from achieving the goals that we have set in place for ourselves. This year the ladies are going to be unstoppable, so look out for us in season.
Thanks for joining me in this week’s gym talk. This is Junior Izzie Plaza passing it over to my fellow junior Roxy Myers.


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