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Adam Lieb, a married father of two sons, rounded out his summer filled with family time in the outdoors hiking, biking and traveling in their RV.
Now with the start of school, the family has switched gears to fall sports and activities. As the owner of Chester County Training in South Coventry, Lieb has a busy schedule this time of year between managing his business on top of coaching his youngest son’s soccer team.
“This is our busiest time in personal training and starting new people off now that they are back from summer vacations and are looking to get back into a routine,” Lieb said. “I have four new people I’m working with now that just came in the past few weeks.”
In the morning after breakfast, which includes a plant-based protein shake, Lieb and his two boys head to his training studio for a mini workout before they head off to school.
“They exercise with me for 15 to 20 minutes every morning,” he said, adding they do rope climbs, pull-ups and push-ups, among other exercises.
Lieb, 39, who was a physical education teacher in the Boyertown Area School District for 16 years, has figured out a way to keep himself on top of healthy eating during this time of year by planning meals ahead for the week and using Sunday as a food prep day.
“If I cook my protein on a Sunday night, I can supplement that with a carbohydrate during the week,” he said.
Things like ground turkey, chicken, ground beef, or pork chops are examples of some of the protein choices he might cook in advance, along with carbohydrates, such as quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes.
“It’s good to get an idea of what your meals are going to be, so you don’t get caught guessing what to eat when you don’t have the time because you’re running to take a kid to practice or you have a meeting,” Lieb said. “It’s about making smart food choices that you decided on early in the week.”
Working in the field of exercise science is something Lieb, a strength and conditioning specialist, has wanted to do from a young age, which led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from East Stroudsburg University and a master’s degree in sport and exercise physiology from West Chester University.
“This is what I’ve been thinking about since I was in seventh grade,” he said.
Today, Lieb works with clients who have been with him ever since he started his personal training business 14 years ago.
“It’s the best way to improve your mental and physical health and your quality of life is better,” he said, of those who either train with him or one of his trainers two to three times a week.
Since Lieb’s profession is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, he used his expertise to come up with five fitness tips to inspire you to move and eat in a mindful way this fall.
1. Take Advantage of the Weather
Lieb suggests making the most of being active outdoors for the next two months while the weather is nice and you can be comfortable. Whether taking a hike, going for a bike ride or enjoying your pets outdoors, he said there are many ways to get physical this time of year without extreme temperatures getting in the way.
2. Get Back to a Routine
Lieb said you don’t need to wait until January to make a commitment to getting back to working out and eating well now that summer vacations are behind you. According to Lieb, the fall is a good time to get back to a consistent schedule and get back on track with food. He emphasized that exercise and nutrition are the basis of a healthy lifestyle.
3. Be Mindful of Food Choices
The fall season is the launch pad for holiday eating, between all of the outdoor fall festivals and game days, so Lieb recommends being mindful of choices since celebration tends to be an excuse for overindulgence. He suggests considering alternative options, such as if watching an Eagles or Phillies game you can bypass the alcohol and wings with creative avenues, such as using plain yogurt and a zero-calorie seasoning packet to make a dip instead of a sour cream-based dip.
4. Find a Way to Hold Yourself Accountable to Exercise
Lieb said that finding a friend, personal trainer or group to work out with will enable you to hold yourself accountable to show up for exercise. He said the reason personal training works is because you schedule an appointment with a person and you have to show up, which in turn leads to success.
5. Plan Ahead for the Winter Months
According to Lieb, now is a good time to come up with an exercise plan for the winter months. This way you have a game plan in advance and won’t be stumped once the weather turns frigid and the outdoors are no longer ideal for exercising. He suggests playing pickleball or badminton indoors at a place like Smashville USA in Pottstown.
Chester County Training is a personal training service that offers one-on-one, partner, group, Zoom, or Facetime training sessions designed to meet specific exercise, strength, yoga, and nutritional goals. They will meet with clients at one of their three private personal training studios, located in South Coventry, your work site, or in the comfort of your home.  For in-home training, all exercise equipment is provided. Chester County Training’s focus is to help clients of all ages and fitness abilities achieve their health and fitness goals. Training appointments need to be scheduled in advance and free assessments are available. For more information, visit or on Instagram @Chester_County_Training
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