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Getting employees from point A to B requires reliable transportation. And cars are now an even bigger part of that equation.
In a business travel survey by BTN Group, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, 57% of corporate travel decision-makers said they expected employees to drive more in 2021 than in 2019. Further, they expected a rental car to be used for those road trips — either to drive to the destination (64%) or in the destination (41%).1
While many people use their own cars for business travel, renting cars for business often makes more sense to ensure that companies are compliant and employees are in reliable vehicles.
A business rental program can offer extra support, peace of mind, and even savings on mileage reimbursement. Here are some of the benefits of such a program and factors to prioritize.
A business rental program can help companies meet a wide range of employees’ business travel needs — from client meetings to site visits and everything in between.
For example, the Business Rental Program offered through the Combined Power of Enterprise and National provides businesses with custom, comprehensive rental programs based on their unique needs, considering factors like preferred vehicle size, frequency of travel, and top-visited destinations.
Depending on how many miles an employee is driving, it may be more economical to rent a car than to pay mileage reimbursement. Enterprise account managers can run a mileage reimbursement analysis to determine if there’s a large-scale savings opportunity for the business.
Business rental programs often offer a better corporate rate than a one-off rental, and employee travelers may receive perks like loyalty rewards.
With the increase in road travel, a reliable rental program is a good alternative to employees using their own cars for a number of reasons — one being for “duty of care,” a company’s obligation to promote the safety of its employee travelers.
When employees use a rental car instead of their personal vehicles, employers can feel confident they are providing employees reliable cars. All Enterprise vehicles follow a regular maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommended requirements. Rental vehicles are also inspected for safety and to ensure they’re in good condition.
According to an Enterprise survey of business travel renters last year, about half of employees don’t want to use their own car because of the wear and tear of a long business trip. Travelers who do use their own car reported that they have to spend time on pre-trip maintenance.2
Even then, employees’ personal vehicles might not be in the best condition for a business trip. While corporate travelers surveyed said they’ve done most routine maintenance checks on their own cars, nearly half have not checked that their fog lights are working, changed their tires, or checked brake pads. In the survey, 45% of people who travel with their personal vehicle own a car that is 5 to 19 years old.2
Enterprise and National’s Business Rental Program ensures employees have access to recent-model, well-maintained vehicles. The brand has committed to the Complete Clean Pledge to ensure cars are cleaned and sanitized between every rental.
Plus, if there are any issues with a rental car, there’s roadside support and a company’s account manager to help resolve them quickly, which might not be the case with personal vehicles.
When looking for a business rental program, companies should ensure that all employees will be able to easily access a rental no matter where they live.
Enterprise has over 9,500 locations in nearly 90 countries and territories across the globe, making it convenient to pick up a rental anywhere — whether it’s near home, the office, the airport, or a client. The rental program honors a traveling employee’s company contracted rates at all locations. Plus, the brand offers customers options for how they want to pick up the car, whether they want to interact with an employee or have a low-contact experience.
As business travel continues to change, companies have a responsibility to evolve their travel programs to ensure employees have access to clean, reliable vehicles through a rental program that can support employees when they’re on the road. Joining a business rental program can make trips more efficient, help protect employees and the employer, and empower companies to continue traveling to meet their goals.
Learn more about how your company can reinvent business travel with The Combined Power of Enterprise and National’s Business Car Rental Program.
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1.”Measuring business travel value in a new era.” BTN Group and The Combined Power of Enterprise and National. June 2021. BTN Group / Enterprise Holdings Inc. Value of Business Travel online survey of 101 travel, expense, finance, procurement or other executives responsible for managed travel, conducted in May and June 2021.
2. Fuel Cycle survey of 669 Enterprise business traveler renters in the US, October 2021.


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