Crunch Fitness honors fallen 9/11 heroes – KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Crunch Fitness decided to honor fallen 9/11 heroes by challenging members to take time out of their day to remember the lives lost.
Tammy Roe, group fitness coordinator of Crunch Fitness in Wichita Falls, said using a stair master can help those working out place themselves in the shoes of those first responders that were in the twin towers during the attack. Roe said that day is hard to imagine.
“So this is not only honoring 9/11 for those that were in New York and in the airplanes and everything, this is just for our local first responders as well,” Roe said. “So, honoring our fire department, our police department, our ambulance and EMS people.”
Those that signed up for the challenge were asked to complete 110 flights of steps in remembrance of what the first responders experienced.
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