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With intense heat, difficult to walk your doggie in 45 degrees summer in Abu Dhabi. This is the observation made by the owner of a pet accessories store, Mansoor Al Hammadi: “This summer is particularly hot! The heat of the ground affects the energy of the dog, but also that of his master”.
So the owner of the Posh Pets (translate Chien chic) ​​store created a special doggie sports area above his shop for the dog to exercise in an air-conditioned room. It’s not a training room to make your animal more agile or more docile, but a real gym, with treadmills!
The dog is put on a harness so that it does not fall, barriers are erected on either side of the mat and that’s it! Mats come in different sizes and are suitable for all dog breeds, from Labradors to Yorkshires to Golden Retrievers.
A winning initiative a resounding success with its customerslike Mohammed: “My dog ​​is super excited, the minute he leaves the car, he recognizes the gym and runs there, he feels good there!”
A small sign even reminds you to drink water and then relax… So is a gym with air conditioning a good solution to prevent our dogs from turning into hot dogs? You tell us.

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