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A new fitness class in Broward has set a goal of transforming the landscape of exercise, and it’s a class that people can try out for free.
It’s called ‘Soca Step,’ a dance fusion fitness class with Caribbean roots.
“The Atmosphere is like a concert,” said Kamal Cudjoe.” Tailored Fitness Gym Owner. “Have you ever been to a Chris Brown concert? It’s like that!”
The Soca Step class is an initiative offered  through by Cudjoe and his business partner Craig Wilson, owners of Tailored Fitness.
“We have a live DJ 500-600 people at times, everybody has a flag,” said Cudjoe. “It’s like Carnival, but every week.”
The centerpiece of the class is an Afro-Caribbean musical genre called Soca, which originated in Trinidad and Tobago.
“It’s the rhythm, it’s the drums it’s the live instruments, it’s the feel good vibes of soca.” He said.

While the class appeals to the high concentration of people from Caribbean & West Indian heritage living in Broward County, he says it’s for everyone.
“It’s easy to adopt,” said Cudjoe. “We understand walking, dancing, having a good time, and being happy.”
According to Cudjoe, the idea sparked after watching a student “wine” or dance to soca music, while joking around during class.
He says much like there are options to take Zumba lessons, or Bachata classes of other ethnic origins, there are limited or no options for the same type of class with West Indian roots from the English-speaking Caribbean.
“Say in South Florida or anywhere there is no soca step class,” said Rhomyka Gardner, a gym member. “We wait until Carnival time to kind of free up, and dance and stuff, but now we can enjoy that music and that type of vibe on a weekly basis. So that’s what sets it apart.”
During the classes, Tailored Fitness team members roll out routines in step-by-step detail so people of all dance levels, and cultural backgrounds can enjoy it.
They’ve also partnered with cities across Broward to offer the class for free.
“So we have the city of Lauderhill lined up that we do once a month,” said Cudjoe. “The city of Sunrise is coming as well, and city of Miramar. It’s free for the residents.”
The first class in Lauderhill began with roughly 80 people and by the third, it grew to more than 200.
Cudjoe says his goal is just to inspire the community, and create an easy pathway for people to begin their fitness journey.
“You can come up, bring your lawn chair, it’s just something great for the community right now,” said Cudjoe.
The next class is Friday August 19th at 7pm at the Lauderhill Sports Complex.
To learn about future classes contact the gym on Instagram: @teamtailoredfitness


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