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The ($45). 
Finding the right pair of gym pants is kind of like finding the perfect pair of jeans. While they might all look similar on the shelf, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot when you finally happen upon THE pair. Comfortable, flattering, hard wearing, and who knows – maybe even affordable.
While my hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is still ongoing (though I’ve come close with a couple of GUESS options), I’m officially announcing that I have found . Bold statement, I know. But I’m sticking by it.
The are, legitimately, the best pair of gym tights I’ve ever owned. Actually, they’re the best piece of athletic equipment I’ve ever owned. They far outperform any of my other gym tights, leggings, and shorts. Even the other Adidas ones. Something about this specific style and collection is just *chef’s kiss.* 
I bought them on a whim when I started at a new HIIT gym, mostly because I needed some extra motivation to do burpees at 5 a.m. But the second I put them on, I fell in love. They’re the right length, the waist sits at exactly the right spot, the material is soft but not flimsy, and they’re flattering. I immediately bought a second pair as a gift for a personal trainer friend, and she loved them so much she bought a pair as a gift for her friend. Then we all bought second pairs…and third ones. Do I look like an Adidas brand ambassador? On the bottom half, yes. Do I sound like one? Also yes. Sadly, Adidas doesn’t pay me to talk about how amazing their tights are…though if anyone in their marketing department is reading this, hit me up.
Now I’ve waxed lyrical about how great these specific tights are, what exactly do I love so much? Let me count the ways.
They are COMFY. I’m the kind of person that has to put tape over annoying seams on t-shirts and who gets a rash from anything moving around at all when I workout. I hate restrictive waistbands, sleeves that twist, and pants that crinkle at the knee, amongst other clothing-related pet peeves. These stay perfectly in place even while doing box jumps, and stretch enough that you can move unrestrictedly without dealing with sagging or wrinkling. They’re so comfy I even sleep in them, choosing them over my baggy pajama pants. And you bet I’m planning all of my long haul travel outfits around them too.
They are 100% squat proof. I had my doubts, but they passed the squat test in a room with floor to ceiling mirrors. Even the patterned ones which are mostly white with black streaks did fine. And in case plain black isn’t your thing, they come in a bunch of fun colours and patterns on Amazon, some of which are even on sale. Just in case you needed an extra excuse to add to cart.
They’re seriously sturdy, and have long-lasting material. I wear them a few times a week and they’ve washed perfectly and retained their shape. But even more impressive is the fact that they held up when I hustled on the treadmill just a few weeks ago. While I’d like to pretend I gracefully transitioned into a full sprint when I realized the belt wasn’t stationary, I actually managed to take a step and a half (at best) before I somersaulted off it at high speed. Despite plenty of blood and bruising across my knees and legs, the tights endured once again and not only came out of the wash clean, but without a single tear or any visible stretching or rubbing. If only I could say the same for my skin.
They do a great job of wicking away sweat and moisture. I’m one of those unfortunate red-headed, pale-skinned people who sweats at the first sign of heat or sun. And though they don’t magically keep me looking relaxed and refreshed at all times, they don’t get sticky or sweaty during a rough workout.
They have a hidden phone pocket inside the back of the waistband. Truthfully, the only slight change I’d make is to have a phone pocket on the side of the leg. But for the comfort, durability, and overall performance of these leggings…I’ll just leave my phone on my gym towel.


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