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Pokemon Go trainers have taken to Reddit to slam “toxic” players after someone shared a story about an incident they had with other players while taking over a gym.
Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has been popular in communities throughout the world as it allowed people to come together with a common interest.
However, that doesn’t guarantee every player will get along.
On July 12, 2022, Reddit user thoughtlessPhantasm took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to share an interaction he had with players telling him to “back off from my gym,” leading others to flood the comments with other stories about the “toxic” community.
In the post, the PoGo player revealed that after waking up for the day, they realized that the gym by their house (where they had a Pokemon) had been taken over — so they went outside to take it back.
As they were fighting the opponent’s Pokemon, the player realized they were actively being healed by another player so they continued to be persistent for about 30 minutes before they were approached by two other players.
“After about thirty minutes of fighting (they kept healing, oh well) two people approach me and ask if I’m playing Pokemon Go,” they explained. “I said yes, and they said, ‘we’re just gonna keep kicking you out of the gym.'”
As the post gained popularity, more and more users took to the comments to share their own stories.
One user said: “Beat a gym & a guy came flying out of his house & tried to tell me it was illegal to be on the trail playing Pokémon at night…5 years later, I’m still kicking him out religiously every time I’m on the trail”
While another explained that the game is boring most of the time, and they would be “stoked” if someone logged on and took their gym.
A third player said that they believe having a rivalry in the game is fun, but “this community is getting too toxic.”
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