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No matter if you are traveling for business, family, or friends, traveling in Europe is always better with a rental car.
(PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2022
You will enjoy the freedom to go on your own time, rather than being bound by bus or train timetables. If you are still not sure about renting a car or not, addCar gives the best advice for traveling in Europe with car hire.
What are the requirements to rent a car?
Before you get ready for your road trip to your next destination, it’s important to meet the following requirement when renting a car in Europe:
Also, if you are a European citizen traveling in another country of the European Union, your driver’s license will be sufficient for the car rental. For the others, an international driving license is required.

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What type of car should I rent?
With a wide range of models, addCar offers vehicles suitable for all desires and especially for all budgets. Thus, you will have the choice between high-end luxury vehicles for lovers of beautiful cars. For those who are more interested in going to the country with family or friends, the van and SUV will be perfect for your day.
Where to rent a car in Europe?
addCar has many addresses for car rental in Europe. Thanks to our locations, you will enjoy the best destinations across the continent at the best price. For more information, you can contact us on our website.

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Can I cross a border with a rental car?
It is imperative to remember that you cannot cross the border with a rental car without written permission from the company. However, if you plan to cross a border during your stay, we advise you to contact the rental agency.
Are requirements different outside Europe?
It depends on your destination and your citizenship. If you are an EU citizen and you want to rent a car in Guadeloupe, your driving license is enough as it is a French department. However, if it’s a rental car in Morocco, an international driving license is required for both EU and Non-Eu citizens.
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