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Getting started on a fitness routine is no small task without experience, let alone if you’re new to exercise altogether. One of the many reasons for this is time —…
Getting started on a fitness routine is no small task without experience, let alone if you’re new to exercise altogether. One of the many reasons for this is time — when you work full-time, fitting in a workout feels impossible. But it can work if you apply the appropriate methods and use your personal calendar to do so. Here are a few ways to create the best fitness routine for your lifestyle using your online calendar.
In the same way you set up work events in your schedule — create recurring events for your workout days. It sounds simple enough, but if your schedule only contains the former, it will be easier to forget the latter. In addition, having your workouts alongside regular work will psychologically equate work and exercise as important “events” and solidifies your fitness routine as a necessity in your day.
You can make different events for different workout days (upper body, legs, etc.) to break them down even further. Not only does this help you structure your exercise more effectively, but it adds some perceived variety to the day-to-day.
Most virtual calendar programs offer the ability to take notes on your tasks and events in some way. This may take the form of the event description, a commenting function, or a dedicated notes section, among others. You can take a moment to type in and review your notes before and after the gym sessions.
As time goes by, these notes will help you focus on and refine things you’re struggling with. For example, maybe one day, you will notice that your posture can be improved. Note the observation in the notes section; you’ll always have that note to remind you to maintain proper form.
You already have your schedule at your disposal, so you know what times are open for you. However, if you’re just barely starting out with your fitness journey, you may have trouble with self-discipline or be unfamiliar with proper workout forms. Follow your gym’s class calendar (which is possible on most calendar platforms) to keep an eye out for potential alignments.
Even if you aren’t interested in group exercise, one class is enough to begin with, a stronger foundation of knowledge. Just watch for any relevant classes, and you can sign up conveniently through the calendar itself.
Setting up an event for each workout is helpful, but connecting a fitness app can improve accessibility and capability. Many apps can integrate their functions into specific calendar platforms as a way of utilizing both at the same time. For example, you can use a cardio timer app that records your time into your calendar as a note.
There are several benefits of recording your workout progress directly into your calendar, including the convenience of keeping track. As mentioned, taking notes can help you improve, and doing so automatically will save you the extra effort. Another benefit is that you can better understand your routine’s length to maximize your time effectively.
The hardest part of maintaining an exercise routine is pushing through your resistance to it every day. It’s not easy to make the time for it or even remember on particularly busy days, but reminders can help. With the events you’ve already set up, you can create consistent and assertive reminders.
These qualities, of course, have different levels of importance in an effective notification for different people. Perhaps your phone vibrating for a few seconds won’t catch your attention; instead, you need a loud ringtone. If you’re prone to hitting snooze, you can make it go off every five minutes in the hour before exercise.
On the other end of the spectrum, you can also use these events to block out notifications for their duration. This option in your program may be called something like Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode. While “do not disturb” is on, you won’t receive any messages, calls, or reminders that get in the way of your focus.
If you automate your schedule, people can see that you’re working out, and distractions will diminish. Your focus, in turn, will be much stronger during the workout, and you’ll be more in tune with your body. In addition, you can pump your music the whole time to make the time pass quicker.
7. Make Time to Rest
You’ve finally planned out your fitness routine and set up your calendar as conveniently as possible. But remember that scheduled rest is equally as important as the exercise for your safety and muscle growth. In this case, doing nothing every other day is more productive than a daily full-body workout.
How you want to spend your rest time is up to you — you can work through that time or relax. Some people choose to work for different muscle groups on different days, so they never have an actual rest day. If that fits your lifestyle, do what works for you as long as you’re practicing self-care.
If you’re reading this, then you likely have fitness aspirations. Don’t wait to begin if you don’t have to because once your routine is in motion, you’ll feel much healthier. With your calendar at your side, it’ll be a piece of cake to set up.
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