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As cold weather sets in, it can be more challenging to get outside and get moving! Staying active during the colder months is critical for your overall health and wellness, so don’t let the cool temperatures interfere with your wellness goals. 
One of the best ways to stay fit while having fun is to follow YouTube channels dedicated to senior fitness. With options for every fitness level and desired workout style, you’ll find enough variety to get you through until spring! (Note: Be sure to talk with your doctor before embarking on any new fitness plan.)
Here are seven of the best channels to jumpstart your at-home fitness journey today.
This husband-and-wife team brings energy, excitement, and compassion with more than 600 free videos. While they fill their videos with plenty of enthusiasm, they also understand that everyone’s fitness journey moves at a different pace. Curated playlists include a low-impact series for beginners and all you really need is a yoga mat. You can also search by video length, with plenty that are 10 minutes or less! The team releases a new video every week or two, as well as nutrition plans and suggestions for those who would like to pair their workouts with healthy meals.
If variety helps you stick with a fitness routine, the BeFit channel might be for you! BeFit makes it easy to maximize at-home use of a medicine ball, yoga ball, yoga mat, and light weight dumbbells. BeFit has something for everyone with a collection of classic videos from fitness legends like Jane Fonda alongside newer trainers like Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks. It’s easy to search through the collection for keywords such as “standing” or “low-impact” if you’re looking for a place to begin your fitness journey.
With over 1,000 free videos and an energetic duo of trainers leading the way, the HASfit channel will keep you on track at every stage of your fitness journey. The team focuses on easy workouts with light weights and exercise bands, curated wellness plans for any fitness level, complete with meal ideas and motivational mantras. Start with the “Exercises for Seniors” playlist if you’re just beginning your fitness journey or need to stick with low-impact or seated workouts.
Created by a certified senior fitness expert, Senior Shape is dedicated to active aging at all stages. You’ll find various workouts here that range from low-impact, seated, 10-minute videos to full-body high-intensity cardio classes. There are several categories for pain relief or stretches that target specific areas, so you can find a video to follow even on the days when you have less energy or an injury to overcome.
If you’d like a wide variety of workouts to choose from, and all geared towards seniors, Meredith’s channel is a great place to start. With workouts that use only bodyweight all the way to classes featuring resistance bands and hand weights, these videos are easy to follow and can support any fitness level. Frequent live-stream workouts are a great way to make fitness part of your regular routine. Set an alarm to join in when Meredith guides a live (virtual) audience through a new routine, and you’ll feel as if you’re in the class with other motivated peers.
This diverse channel is great to share with the whole family, including the grandkids! Featuring many trainers and series, The Body Coach produces videos that help get kids excited about working out alongside their peers, parents, and communities. Other series, including a 7-Day Seniors Workout Challenge, help take the guesswork out of planning a consistent fitness routine. As an added bonus, many of the videos feature trainers working out around the world, so you can go on a virtual vacation as you exercise!
Walking is a great low-impact cardio workout that’s accessible almost anywhere! If it’s easier to stay home while you exercise, get some virtual company with these walk-at-home videos. Featuring different lengths and goals (like a “heart-healthy walk” or a “happy walk”), these videos make it easy to slip on your sneakers and get closer to your 10,000 daily steps.
Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’re looking for new and exciting activities to try at home, these fitness channels offer an almost endless variety to keep you fit and engaged every step of the way!

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