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After flaunting glamorous looks for a while, The Family Chantel star Winter Everett reveals her weight-loss progress in a new workout photo.
Winter Everett from The Family Chantel has flaunted her new toned physique in her latest full-body gym selfie. The Atlanta native is known for her initial appearance in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise before joining The Family Chantel, where she appears alongside her elder sister Chantel Everett and the rest of her family. During season 4, Winter showed off her weight-loss transformation by opting for gastric sleeve surgery. She was over 300 pounds then, and the procedure helped her reach 230 pounds within the next few months. Winter has not yet announced if she has reached her weight loss milestone, but her looks reveal that she must be close.
Winter recently shared a mid-workout selfie on Instagram. She captioned it, “It has been a min since I post one of these,” and reminded 90 Day Fiancé fans to keep doing what they can to make progress. In the photo, the reality star wore a bright blue top, black yoga pants, and Nike sports shoes. Winter looked happy in the image, and her figure appeared more toned than before. Her latest gym selfie shows that she’s making rapid progress toward her fitness goals.
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After months of seeing Winter's glam looks, fans were happy to see her post a no-makeup gym photo. An Instagram user wrote, “You look amazing,” and told The Family Chantel star to keep pushing no matter what. Another user chimed in, “Sis you getting sexier and sexier by the day!! I see you!!!” Someone else commented, “You were always beautiful, but it’s great to see the changes,” and asked Winter to share her fitness routine. 90 Day Fiancé stars like David Toborowsky and Riverknight Everett also shared their likes on the post.
Winter’s physical and emotional growth has been remarkable over the months. Fans love that she is down to earth and wants to share positivity and inspire others. The Family Chantel alum has never been shy about her past self and has always maintained that she works out for fitness above anything else. Her dedication and body-positive posts motivate many followers who have told Winter that she inspired them to focus on their health as well. Hopefully, the Georgia resident will keep doing the good work and achieve her desired weight goal.
Despite Winter’s hard work and impressive weight-loss transformation, a few critics feel she took an easy way out by opting for surgery. These people think that the TLC star only wants to earn clout on social media by showing quick weight loss progress. Since Winter has undergone a bariatric procedure, like Angela Deem, some fans think she is also after looks, recognition, and fame more than anything else. However, The Family Chantel alum’s fitness progress and consistent workout routine debunk what critics think about her.
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Source: Winter Everett/Instagram
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