Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: Oct. 27 Edition – Centenary College Athletics

Hey Ladies Gymnastics fans! It’s junior Roxy Myers here with this week’s Gym Talk.
The Ladies have been hard at work in the classrooms as we finished up our midterms last week.  Luckily, your Ladies are just as dedicated to their studies as they are to their flips, so midterms were smooth sailing.  In addition to midterms, we had our first official 6am practice with Coach Meg on Wednesday morning.  And let me tell y’all, Coach Meg is the happiest, most energetic morning person you will ever meet.  As we walked into Jills at 5:45am, she was singing and grooving and had pep in her step (if you will).  Also on Wednesday, your lady gymnasts and fellow lady swimmers met with DPS (Department of Public Safety) for some tips on how to stay safe and how to best avoid and protect ourselves in many situations.  Chief Eddie Walker and Detective Heather Boucher have met with the Ladies every year to ensure we are staying safe and making smart choices.  A special shoutout to Chief Eddie Walker for dinner too. You Ladies’ gymnastics team can sure put down some pizza! 
This weekend we had our annual media day.  This year the Ladies stayed close to home and took team pictures on our beautiful campus.  A special thank you to Penny Sander, Shawn Smith and former lady, Tavia Smith, for being our photographers!  The pictures seem to get better and better every year!  After a long but still efficient morning of pictures, the Ladies spent their Sunday afternoon hitting the books and preparing for the next week of classes. 
My fellow junior Izzie Plaza, senior Rose Deshler and myself have been working hard to put together this year’s walk-in honor of former lady gymnast, Sylvia Keiter.  On May 19, 2018, an amazing young woman, daughter, friend, and teammate was killed by a drunk driver. Sylvia Keiter was such a light in this world. She was unstoppable, relentless, committed, exuberant, self-less, had a team first attitude and a run through a brick wall mentality. The Centenary Ladies strive to live like Big Syl and have the work ethic she exemplified every day.  Our sweet Syl with such a big heart was driving on I-20 near Harrison County, TX when she stopped to help someone on the side of the road. When assisting, she was hit by a drunk driver and pronounced dead at the scene. Such an amazing woman who had so many hopes and dreams, was taken out of this world due to someone else’s poor choices. Our team is taking her story and wanting to do something about it. Part of our mission is to make others aware of the tragic events caused by drunk drivers.  Our community will be honoring the memory of Big Syl and walking a mile around Centenary’s campus on Saturday the 29th at 3:00pm (CST).  To allow for further opportunity for participation, we have a virtual sign up as well.  Those who are not local to Shreveport can sign up, walk a mile and share their participation on social media with us using the #allforbigsyl.
If you would like to join your favorite lady gymnasts, please sign up for our walk using the link below:
That’s it for this week’s gym talk!  Stay tuned for next week’s Gym Talk with your last (but certainly not least) junior, Rylie Molina.


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