Akron High School students learn financial literacy through BankOnBuffalo event – WKBW 7 News Buffalo

AKRON, NY — BankOnBuffalo’s Financial Reality Fair on Wednesday allowed Akron High School students to learn how to finance for their future.
The students picked a career they wanted, and then walked through 15 stations that focused on monthly expenses such as groceries, rent and car insurance payments.
For many students, this fair was a wake up call.
“Furniture was kind of surprising, some people rent furniture. I never knew you could do that,” said Canyon Sundown, a junior at Akron High.
The average college graduate has more than 31,000 dollars in student loan debt, and then they have to find an apartment.
Average rent for an one-bedroom apartment is 1,300 dollars, a car payments more than 600 dollars for a new car, and 500 dollars for a used one.
Which is why students at Akron High School are required to take a personal finance class, and for business teacher Karen Saelli, this is a good way for students to learn about finances.

“This is a great opportunity who have not taken personal finance yet, and hopefully it will get them a little bit more interested when they are sitting in front of me in the classroom,” said Saelli.
BankOnBuffalo says this event is about teaching kids about real world expenses so when it is time for them to leave the nest, they can soar.
“We are not getting anything out of today other than talking to these kids and giving them advice. Showing them what life might look like once they graduate,” said Josiah Leroy, Community Office Manager of BankOnBuffalo.


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