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| Source: Global Fit Club by Zucom Online Industries Ltd. Global Fit Club by Zucom Online Industries Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada,
Vancouver, Canada, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain-based fitness platform Global Fit Club is set to launch an immersive ecosystem that pays members for working out. This development is the first of its kind in the fitness industry and promises to benefit fitness enthusiasts globally.

The first fitness conglomerate of the metaverse
The Global Fit Club is looking to introduce a unique system of membership that provides a solution to the long-standing problem of incentivization in the fitness industry. It is the first universal gym membership that pays members to workout.
When an individual becomes a member by purchasing their NFT, they instantly get access to the full suite of services. This includes access to affiliated gym services both online and in-person and discounts on additional services like personal training and fitness retailers.
NFT holders can also enjoy exclusive access to the free online classes and can optimize their fitness experience at any time. Beyond just gym membership, Global Fit Club provides multiple ways for users to earn within its platform.
The first way is by simply holding their NFT in their crypto wallets. Long term holders benefit as they get to receive free tokens that can be exchanged for fiat. The second way is by participating in the move-to-earn game, where users earn from completing daily workouts.
An innovative Move-to-Earn ecosystem
Global Fit Club introduces a novel system to the existing move-to-earn model by being the first to providing real life utility for NFT holders. Most move-to-earn gaming NFTs are currently limited and have no value beyond the gaming ecosystem. With Global Fit Club NFTs, holders can earn from daily workouts and get value outside the game with access to gyms globally and discounts on services.
Furthermore, its ecosystem is open to everyone that wants to earn from their workouts. All that’s required is to hold a small amount of their native cryptocurrency to access the platform and enjoy these benefits. At the same time, a perk for NFT holders is that they are not required to purchase the currency to play.
The Global Fit Club is also committed to ensuring that its platform is available for everyone by making its NFTs affordable and easy to use. So far, Global FIT Club has received attention from major players within the crypto and fitness industry.
Several big names in the fitness industry, along with five NBA players have signed with their brand, which is impressive for a startup. It also shows the value and uniqueness of its ecosystem compared to others .
Big announcements in the coming months
The Global Fit Club is set to launch in the summer of 2022. The project has an active community spread across social media, and interested participants can sign up for the whitelist lottery and public sale notification list on their website.
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