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A professional trainer and gym owner from England has become well-known for training those who are sick, elderly, and disabled free of charge. Through his fitness sessions, he’s helping them achieve something they thought was impossible.
Javeno Mclean, 37, who calls himself an “exercise specialist,” is the owner of J7 Community Health Center in Blackley, Manchester.
Born in Jamaica, Javeno used to be a professional cricket player. A few years ago, during his prime, he went to India where he had the opportunity to train the squad because their designated trainer had suffered a knee injury. It was in this role that Javeno realized he gained more satisfaction from helping others.
After a few years passed, he retired from cricket and decided that he wanted to help people get into shape.
13 years ago, Javeno set his sights on a career in fitness and wrote down his dream on a piece of paper in his mother’s kitchen.
In the early stages of his fitness career, Javeno worked for the Manchester City Council. However, he wanted to do something on his own, and thus started his gym.
“I wanted a facility that would be full of energy and have exercises that were attractive for the whole family,” he told Cambridge News. “I wanted this to be a gym where people could exercise and find something that works for them. I wanted a place where my mom or aunty or grandma could come and feel the love.”
At J7, Javeno is not only changing how people experience exercise but is also helping those who have a disadvantage either mentally or physically.
“Working with people with disabilities is amazing because seeing them do things they never thought possible is sensational for me,” he said. “It’s so fulfilling as I see the direct impact it has on their lives and families immediately.”
Explaining more about his work, Javeno said sometimes people with disabilities tell him about the goals they want to achieve but nine out of 10 times it ends up being something basic that many of us take for granted.
“I always listen to their specific goals, but I’ll always raise the bar, trying to achieve something they never thought was possible,” he said.
Although each session is really special for him, the ones that are the most memorable, are those where people stand for longer than they have ever done and when stroke survivors get some newfound movement.
Javeno offers his help for free, as he believes that taking payment from people who require his help the most “dilutes his intentions,” and makes his message for empowerment weaker.
“I have trained people with disabilities, with cancer, the elderly all for free for 21 years,” he said. “I’ve never taken a penny. I believe if I really want to help and change not just my community, but the world, I must do it from the purest part of my soul – and there isn’t a bank down there.”
Since sharing his work online, Javeno has amassed almost 230,000 followers on TikTok.
“My work has impacted not just the UK but the world,” he said. “I get daily messages from all over the globe from people expressing their love and sending videos of themselves replicating my work.”
Recently, he also got the official world record for the biggest disabled class. Javeno has also won the “gym of the year,” award three times.
For Javeno, the whole experience has been “unreal and humbling.”
Caters News contributed to this report.
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