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Fitness Center Membership

Tufts University welcomes those from the following selected groups to purchase memberships to the Steve Tisch Sports & Fitness Center:


Fee for Academic Year

Qualification Requirements

Steve Tisch Sports & Fitness Center Abutters  $190.00
Must reside on the pre-qualified list of streets determined by the Office of Community Relations.

View Map and List Here


Must upload proof of residency (ex: electric bill, gas bill, cable bill) during application process.

Active Duty Medford and Somerville:
– Police Officers
– Firefighters
$190.00 Must upload proof of active duty employment (Police/Fire ID card) during application process.
Tufts University Alumni $370.00 Any Tufts undergraduate and/or graduate degree recipients. Must enter specific Tufts school, year of graduation and name (while attending Tufts) during application process. 
Members of the general public are not permitted to purchase fitness center memberships.  Eligible members must fall into one of the categories listed above in order to purchase a membership.

Additional Membership Information

  • Parking is available for $5 a day in the Cousens Gym Parking Lot.  You may also park on the street and pay the parking meters.
  • All memberships will run concurrent with the University academic year, beginning in early September and ending in mid-August.  The facilities will be closed the last two weeks of August for cleaning and maintenance. 
  • The locker rooms/showers are being renovated and will not be accessible during the fall 2022 semester.
  • Members are not allowed to bring guests into any of the facilities.


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For the qualifying groups click the button above to apply for your membership to the Steve Tisch Sports & Fitness Center

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Tufts University welcomes those from the following selected groups to purchase memberships to the Steve Tisch Sports & Fitness Center:
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