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Jared Cannonier Gives Exclusive Insight On O’Malley’s Gym Habits
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Jared Cannonier has been training with bantamweight prospect Sean O’Malley recently and has spilled the beans on that experience.
A commonly recited principle in mixed martial arts has always been that iron sharpens iron, and the fact that Cannonier and O’Malley train together is a prime example of this. They have both been working at the MMA Lab in Phoenix, AZ, with the recent middleweight title challenger preparing for a bout with Sean Strickland, and Suga’ Sean gearing up to take on former bantamweight champ Petr Yan.
With this type of training environment, Jared Cannonier has had the chance to see first-hand the type of athlete Sean O’Malley is, even when he is not in front of the cameras. As it turns out, “The Killa Gorilla” is actually quite impressed with what he has seen.
Speaking in an interview with The Schmo, Cannonier explained that he is blown away with the dedication shown by O’Malley to really study all the fighters in his division, not just Yan. Moreover, he said that the flashy style Suga’ Sean is known for is something he actually practices, not just something done in the spur of the moment.
“Suga’ puts in the work, man,” Cannonier said. “Suga’s a master of his craft, for sure. He’s been dissecting these fighters, the bantamweights, the ebb and flow of the game. He’s always ahead of it, if not right there neck-and-neck with it. Suga’s the man. He’s always upping his game, inside and outside the Octagon. There’s many different examples that take out of him, from watching him.
“Not to mention his style is very entertaining to watch, and it’s effective as well,” Cannonier added. “When I watch him landing strikes, doing his moves and stuff, it’s not just things he’s pulling out of his ass. He’s working, and he’s practicing these things, and he’s wired to do them. It’s very fun watching him, and when he goes in there and Abu Dhabi and gets to shine on the big stage, it’s going to be well deserved, and I’m just going to be entertained.”
This is high praise from Jared Cannonier to Sean O’Malley. Time will tell if the exciting bantamweight lives up to the hype that has been bestowed upon him, but no matter what, it is clear that he genuinely puts thought into everything he does with the sport.
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