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The sportswear brand has launched a new capsule in collaboration with National Geographic, celebrating the world’s most beautiful animals without any animal-based products.
Want to be a beast in the gym? Feel like unlocking that primal sense of conquering your training? Looking for a sustainable footwear option that brings out your wild side while also thinking forward for Earth’s wild animals? might have the perfect remedy to all these questions, thanks to the brand’s latest collaboration.
Created in tandem with , Reebok has unveiled its latest footwear capsule, taking inspiration from the world’s wild and endangered species. The all-new collection includes a fresh silhouette of the popular Nano X2 training sneaker that’s sure to add some bite to your next training session.
Serving as the latest iteration of Reebok’s go-to gym shoe, the Nano X2 Grow silhouette included in the celebrates some of the world’s most beautiful animals while also foregoing any animal-based products. The sneakers are constructed with at least 50 percent plant-based materials, giving some purpose to every performance-boosting set.
The Nano X2 Grow features nods to some of Earth’s mightiest beasts, combining the patterns that resemble the python, puffer fish, poison dart frog, scorpion, grizzly bear and more. A second Nano X2 Grow roars onto the scene later in November, according to Reebok, with inspiration from the world’s biggest wild cats, including the tiger, cheetah and jaguar. Wear these kicks through any routine and you’ll be wondering if you’re in the gym or at the zoo.
In addition to the Nano X2 Grows taking reign over the training footwear landscape, Reebok is also unveiling a street style sneaker as part of its latest capsule. The Club C 85 Vegans, also set to launch sometime in November, showcase a mismatched pattern honoring sixteen endangered species. According to the brand, the bold expression is intended to bring awareness to the Galapagos penguin, black rhino, eastern gorilla, ring-tailed lemur, Fiji banded iguana and more of Earth’s threatened creatures.
Starting today, the all-new capsule is , with the Nano X2 Grows priced at $160. While this is more expensive than the base model X2s, you definitely get a lot more teeth (and scales and fur and claws) with this limited capsule. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the additional wild-cat-inspired colorway and Club C 85 Vegan silhouette later this fall, too.


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