Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: Sept. 22 Edition – Centenary College Athletics

Hey Ladies gym fans! It’s senior Kennedy Stephens here (crazy I know) with this week’s Gym Talk.
I have got to say, I am pretty impressed with the team this week. We have got some strong Ladies. A bunch of she-hulks. Your modern day, wonder women. Let me tell you, we have really been putting in the hard work during practice and workouts. The energy – immaculate, the strength – jaw dropping.
Our workout on Wednesday and our dark-and-early track practice on Thursday were fantastic. We worked so hard and really pushed ourselves to the limit. Your Ladies are gonna come out of pre-season absolutely shredded. Since we worked so hard during the week, we decided to reward ourselves with a fun game of beach volleyball. Shout out to team Hotties with the Bodies for winning both games!
Our theme on Sunday was Superhero Day, which I think was super fitting for the week we had. 
Sunday was also “testing day.”  We set landmarks at the beginning of the semester and on Sunday we did our best to complete the testing assignments for each event. It was a great way to see where we are. Some of the Ladies surprised ourselves, doing more than we thought we could. And now we know what areas we need to work on to get ready for the season in January.
Overall, it was a great week. We worked really hard and took some steps forward to get us ready for meet season. I am really excited about this team. We’ve got lots of talent this year and it feels like we’re all really motivated. It’s gonna be a great year for the Ladies. So, get ready y’all… We’re on a mission.
Thanks for checking in this week, and don’t forget to come back next week for Lacey’s recap!


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