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The KLARC  fitness center introduced a fitness class to their schedule this fall that has been sorely missed for the last few years. 
Allison Gerhard ‘23 is teaching a Barre Burn class three times a week, every week for the remainder of 2022.  
Barre classes are full body workouts that use ballet barre as a tool to exercise muscle. In a typical barre class, attendees should be ready to utilize and strengthen muscles all throughout their body. There are a multitude of health benefits that come from regularly attending barre classes, including improved posture, coordination and balance. 
Gerhard said participants can expect small, repeated movements including pulsing and holding. She said the goal of this class is to increase muscular endurance rather than to build strength. Although the barre is used for the leg and glutes portion of the class, a large part of the class takes part on the mat. 
Additionally, there are modifications offered in the class for beginners, Gerhard said, so that anybody can take the class
“I try to give modifications in my classes so that people who are more advanced can try more advanced things and people who are just beginning don’t feel intimidated,” Gerhard said.
Gerhard first got certified to teach fitness classes back in 2020, but due to the pandemic, she had to postpone her debut as a fitness instructor. This year, Gerhard’s schedule had a perfect opening for a Barre Burn class. 
Gerhard was first inspired to become a fitness instructor when she worked at a small fitness center in Philadelphia. 
“Seeing how good I felt after a workout, and being in a room with people who were pushing themselves with me made me realize this is something I want to do,” she said.  
Not only will attending the Barre Burn class help you to improve physically, but it also can provide boosts to your mental health.
“My goal is to make this workout class a fun, welcoming environment where people can talk to each other, where people can just move and feel good about themselves,” Gerhard said. “Fitness is just about moving your body. When I move my body I just feel better physically and mentally. With a fun workout like Barre, it makes it much easier to keep a sustainable workout plan.” 
“To the people that are intimidated to try a new exercise class, my advice would just be to show up,” Gerhard added. “The hardest part is showing up, and after you get there, just try your best. And if you hate it, you never have to go back. But if you love it, you can say you showed up, you tried your best, and you’ll be back at class the next week.”
Gerhard hosts her class on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Wednesdays at 12 p.m. 
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