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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Working out with a twist – it’s called Bounce Fitness and you can only find it at one gym in Savannah.
It’s nothing like a regular workout.
First, you have to practice walking…you know walk before you run something like that.
“You see how wide the bottom is? It’s like a shoe on sticks,” said the gym’s owner Tajuan Brantley.
They showed WTOC how it’s done and we literally bounced right in.
“It’s the only bounce class in Savannah. I can stand out from everyone else”
At T.B. Fitness, Tajuan Brantley has been training and doing workout classes for six years, but Bounce Fitness just started up this year.
“I had them sitting for a year because I was intimidated of doing a class down here and I was like I’m gonna step out.”
Let him tell it, you can run in these shoes, but most people just stick to jumping.
“It can be up to 2,000 calories just in one class.”
You’re gonna need some water and a couple of breaks…
The easy part is if you feel yourself falling, you can just bounce back.
“The endurance…you got to have endurance. You can feel it, but it’s also fun so once you have fun when you workout you don’t really think about it.”
For more information on the workout classes, check out their Facebook page.
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