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When Masaba Gupta lost 10 kgs over a year following her fitness awakening, it left fans with just one question: How did Masaba Gupta lose weight? As someone with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), her struggle with weight gain and acne was as real as it gets for any woman with this endocrinal condition. That was coupled by her relentless indulgence in her foodie instincts. But today, this is a ‘once upon a time’ story. The multi-faceted designer and actor has set a precedent with her weight-loss transformation and how she has embraced a fitness journey to beat PCOS like a boss! In this Health Shots interview, Masaba opens up her tips for any girl who is looking for sustainable ways to manage PCOS and lead a healthy life.
At one point in life, Masaba played tennis actively and was an avid sportswoman. But then she began channelizing her creative energy through dance and music. Masaba wanted to be an actor, but when she was dissuaded by her mother Neena Gupta, she found her calling in fashion. But whenever and whatever Masaba took on, she gave it her best shot and full focus! That’s just what happened with her tryst with fitness.
The 32-year-old, who recently featured in Masaba Masaba: Season 2, tells Health Shots that the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown pushed her into fitness like never before.
“When the first wave of the pandemic came and a lockdown was announced, I was in Goa. I had some basic equipment such as a skipping rope, and I asked my trainer to give me a 10-day regime which I could do every morning,” she recounts.
Masaba’s stress levels were going through the roof because of the uncertainty around everything, and thus began her new health routine.
“I started fitness for a mindfulness journey. But I began to see results in my work and my body. When you own a business, there are no boundaries and there’s nothing like a 9 to 5 job… you never switch off! But I realised that if I don’t voluntarily switch off for one hour, it will actually start to hurt my business. So, I started fitness to protect my business, protect myself as an entrepreneur and protect myself as an individual. And now I am addicted. It’s like a magic pill,” Masaba says with gusto.
Take a sneak peek into Masaba Gupta’s fitness routine!
Even her recent Instagram post was proof that Masaba totally loves her workout sessions.
“More time training = better brain function = better decision making = better output! I might be addicted to working out but whose complaining,” she captioned her post.
For the unversed, PCOS is a condition in which a woman’s ovaries produce an excess amount of androgens. These are male sex hormones, which are present in women, but in small amounts. PCOS symptoms can vary from hirsuitism or excess facial hair, thinning of hair or hair loss and acne to fertility issues and weight gain.
September is PCOS Awareness Month, and what’s better than getting some wellness tips from someone who fights it. So, here are some tips from Masaba Gupta, who has, in the pursuit of wellness, embraced self love!
According to Masaba, the more care you take in terms of what you’re putting into your body, and of the output in terms of physical activity, it will help you to overcome the complications of a condition such as PCOS.
“These two aspects are very important. There’s no alternative or replacement for them,” she says, asserting the importance of the right PCOS diet.
Masaba says everyone’s struggle with PCOS, a hormonal problem which happens during women’s reproductive years, is different. Symptoms of PCOS may also be different in each woman.
So, she suggests, “You can’t talk to 2-3 friends and know what works for them, and say ‘let me try this or that’. You have to find your own path and journey, and decide what works for you. You should also see what you can sustain. It (being fit and healthy) is about sustainability. It’s not a crash course of trying to fix the problem.”
Check out Masaba Gupta discuss her PCOS mantras with Health Shots!
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Everything that causes stress, anxiety, anger, a sense of negativity, should be kept at bay. “Surrounding yourself with the right people is as important as the food you’re putting in your system,” says Masaba, adding how important a healthy mind is for a healthy body.
The actress, who also featured in Modern Love: Mumbai, says people need to stop looking at PCOS as a disease. Even science calls it a disorder or a syndrome!
“Look at it as a path of course correction. Maybe your body just wants you to exercise for an extra 30 minutes, or maybe your body wants you to eat ghee instead of trying 50 international ingredients which don’t work for Indian body type,” she quips, taking a dig at fad diets and fad foods doing the rounds among nutrition-conscious people nowadays.
Last but definitely not the least, Masaba urges people to “embrace something that is close to home… like Ayurveda, which will never fail”.
“We’re Indian. We’re designed a certain way, and Ayurveda will always work,” says Masaba.
So, are you ready to beat PCOS the Masaba Gupta way?
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