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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Sometimes you just find what you want to do right in college. For Tucker Farmer, this statement was true.
“Honestly I was doing it, working part time in college, Curtis had just started the business and I was one of the first guys to start working with him. He’s been a good bass since then so I just kind of stuck with him, and that’s how I ended up here,” said Farmer.
Since then, Fitness Supply grew from just one location in Idaho Falls to multiple locations, including the one on Eldridge Avenue in Twin Falls.
When Farmer was offered a managerial position in Twin, he took the opportunity.
“I’ve been here a little bit over a year now and the community has been great here, we’ve grown pretty good,” said Farmer.
Fitness Supply strives to be the one-stop shop for all fitness needs, and that’s what makes them most unique.
“We just have a little bit of everything honestly. We have our own in-house brand of weights, that allows us to be flexible pricewise and we also carry different brands to be that one stop shop,” said Farmer.
As far as future plans for the company? Continued growth…
“Just continue to have everything people are looking for, from free weights, cardio and just being able to be that source of equipment to help the fitness community grow, and to help people realize that fitness can be a big part of their lives,” Farmer said.
Since being in the Magic Valley, the community has been very supportive and farmer is very thankful for that
“Thanks for the support so far, we really appreciate it and we look forward to serving them in the future,” said Farmer.
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