'Easiest rescue ever': Berea police help woman stuck upside down on gym equipment (video) – Cleveland 19 News

BEREA, Ohio (WOIO) – Berea police received a unique assignment early Monday morning: a woman, stuck upside down on gym equipment, needed help getting right side up.
It’s not the way Christine Faulds wanted to start her 3 a.m. workout at Powerhouse Gym on West Bagley Road.
The incident was caught on camera and is featured in a now-viral TikTok video. The video received over 8 million views on the social media platform.
Faulds was at the gym with a friend, but he could not hear her calls for help. She hung in there for a few minutes, literally.
When Faulds realized she had no other options, she called police using the smartest way available, her Samsung Watch.
“I’m stuck in this reverse like back decompression thing,” Faulds said in a 911 call obtained by 19 News.
“I am in Berea. Sorry, I’m on my watch… there’s only one other person at the gym, and I got stuck in this, you know this back, backboard thing?”
When Berea police officers got to the gym, Faulds was embarrassed yet relieved.
She said the pressure was mounting. “Oh, dear Lord, my ankles are burning!”
Thankfully, the cop and her friend flipped her right side up and went about their business.
“Easiest, easiest rescue ever,” she said in celebration, with both feet on the ground.
Faulds said she plans to use the inversion table again, but only with the help of a friend.
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