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Through the pandemic, when public gyms were least populated, a parallel industry of home gyms has come to the fore. Home gyms are particularly designed to provide you with exercise equipment and put you in front of a motion tracking camera that relays real-time information about posture, reps and other details to a trainer on the other side of a connected screen. The real-time coaching (in the comfort and safety of the house) has propelled the industry to a high where memberships of virtual trainers are skyrocketing at the cost of physical instructors in the gym down the street.
The idea of a home gym was revolutionized by the Tempo Studio gym set which comes complete with a display and motion-tracking camera that actively scans and monitors your exercise in 3D. The entire set, with all the equipment hiding within its storage cabinet, occupies three square feet of your house’s real estate. This guy appeared a little plasticky and displeasing despite its sleek all-in-one design. To give us a better, compact and more interesting way to get fit well within the confines of the home, without compromising the décor, the makers behind the Studio set have now come up with the Tempo Move.
Designer: Level Design
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The compact home gym is more than just an exercise assistant. This fitness accessory is designed to stand next to your furniture in the living room and eliminate your runs to the store room for gymming. Tempo Move is a sublime blend of materials, colors and finishes, which makes it a discrete piece of furniture to turn your living space into a home gym. The workout equipment goes behind the fabric cabinet while the top feature an iPhone dock compatible with iPhone XR and upward. With the unique combination of furniture and gym, Tempo Move connects to any large screen TV to let you see your exercise routine and have the trainers coach you in real-time.

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From the pictures here, you would have made out; Move is unlike anything anyone would associate with a gym. The metal body of the console is clad in warm fabric for an elegant look. Unless you open the cabinet, anyone would mistake it for an elegant cabinet you’d bought from Wayfair. The more techie would mistake it for an iPhone dock, only to realize its reality when it would refuse to blast the tones from the docked iPhone. For you, using HDMI you can connect the Move to your TV set and workout with ease along with the models on the large screen.

The neat-looking Tempo Move console houses within its cabinetry 16 weight plates, 4 weight collars, 2 dumbbells, and a heart rate monitor. The weight plates and dumbbells all stay put in their sectional grooves. You can, therefore, pull out or roll back the equipment in a smooth motion without injuring the console. Did you want a gym that would let you exercise conveniently in the living room? Tempo Move is here!

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