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Two gymters laughing after gym session in urban gym center
TikTok has been taken over by a new trend called vabbing and internet users think it’s the grossest thing ever.
As per Healthline, the idea of vabbing became topical online after sexologist Shan Boodram revealed that she often vabs before a night out.
It then went viral on TikTok in 2022 – but things got even worse this week when people started vabbing at the gym, which is repulsing internet users even more.
If you don’t know what vabbing is, we recommend that you keep it that way. However, if the curiosity is killing you, read on to find a full explanation…
Vabbing is the bizarre process of dabbing your vaginal fluids onto your body like perfume in order to attract a sexual partner.
It’s a weird combination of the word ‘dabbing’ and ‘vagina’ that sees women putting their vaginal secretions on pressure points, like the neck, wrists and ears, like they would with fragrance.
Apparently, people online think it will make them seem more attractive to a potential partner and essentially lure them over.
As reported by Healthline, dabbing can work in theory as vaginal fluids do contain a chemical called pheromones which trigger a social response in another individual.
However, the process of using pheromones to attract a partner is something that only really happens in the animal world, not the human one – and most people think it’s pretty vile!
i googled “vabbing” because i’m a boomer and don’t know what things mean anymore, and i wish i hadn’t. ignorance sometimes is bliss.
The vabbing trend has evolved this week and people are now doing it at the gym. Yes, the gym.
TikTok users are rubbing their fluids onto their neck, wrists and behind the ears just before they’re about to do a sweaty workout.
It’s true that the gym is a great place to meet a partner, but it isn’t the cleanest place at the best of times, with people sweating buckets and never wiping down the equipment.
Now, people are vabbing at the gym too and the sickening thought is enough to stop you stepping foot in a public gym ever again.
In one viral video, a girl recorded her process of vabbing at the gym for the first time and said “the vabbing worked”.
“I did it right before I went to the gym and then that guy hit on me while I was working out. Vabbing works!” she said in another clip.
The TikTok user added that she was doing lunges when a guy on the treadmill “hit” on her and asked her out, so they exchanged numbers.

It may have worked for her, but the majority of internet users think vabbing at the gym is really nasty and unhygienic.
Thousands of people use the gym every day and touch the same equipment – and the number of people who actually clean it after use is miniscule.
One person wrote on Twitter: “I’m seeing on tik tok women are vabbing before they go to the gym. I honestly might cry.”
“Vabbing in the gym NASTY!!! Like why? It’s so disgusting🤮” added another.
Just found out what vabbing is and that some females do it at the gym 🥲😵‍💫🥴🤮
Many are vowing to never enter a gym again with one person writing: “Alright just found me a new excuse to not take my lazy ass to the gym on TikTok …. vabbing.”
“I’m not going back to the gym until vabbing isn’t a thing anymore. Periodt,” said another.
A third person added: “In the year 2022 I learned about how people are ‘vabbing at the gym’ and I may never go to a public gym again.”


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