Nashville mom rents out baby equipment amid rising costs – News Channel 5 Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Everyone is trying to make or save money due to inflation, so one Nashville mom is renting out baby equipment.
After Lisa Monjeau had a baby, she started looking for ways to make a buck from home. She found BabyQuip, where she can rent out baby equipment.
“My son is a year old; I wish I knew about this before I had him because ‘try before you buy’ is such a good option,” Monjeau said. “Baby equipment is just so expensive, and especially right now with the cost of living and everything going up. It just makes it a better option to make sure you’re putting your money where it needs to go.”
One of her local customers wanted to try out the SNOO Smart Bassinet before they bought it for nearly $1,700. She rents it for around $250 a month.
“It worked out great; she decided to order one. It was a little backed up with shipping, so she extended her rental with me,” Monjeau said.
Some parents are dealing with supply chain issues, so she wanted to remind them about the rental option.
“Even long-term rentals are a discounted price, so that’s nice,” Monjeau said. “Anything above 10 days — or I do monthly rentals, especially because some of the stuff you’re only going to use for a month.”
She has a lot of clients who are tourists too.
“The SNOO and the crib are definitely the two most popular ones,” Monjeau said.
She’s already pocketed $10,000.
“I started in March, and honestly my inventory has grown significantly,” Monjeau said, “I now own like three cribs. I own a couple of bassinets. My husband laughs at the amount of car seats I have, the amount of high chairs I’ve accumulated.”
She delivers for a fee or pick-up is free. Check out her page.


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