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Want to sculpt your sides? Try this.
26 July 2022 by
Online fitness coach Karl Bratland reckons the Serratus Anterior and Scap are super neglected muscles. To stop overlooking them, he recommends you do “scap push ups.”
Does your back need bulking, or do your sides need sculpting? Fitness coach Karl Bratland has the solution for you. Taking to Instagram recently, he posted a video showing how you can work out your Serratus Anterior and your Scap with one simple – but often neglected – movement.
In the video, a caption reads: “The most neglected muscle during exercise, the serratus anterior protracts your scapula and helps shoulders maintain their proper position. Scap push ups can help scapula winging, improve presses and overhead lifts, improve posture and prevent shoulder and neck injuries.”
Karl added further information in the caption of the video, writing: “This might be the most neglected muscle in the fitness world – the Serratus Anterior and Scap push-ups.”
“This muscle not only looks good (it’s the feather like muscles you see on people’s ribs) but it is essential for shoulder and scapula health.”
WATCH: Karl explains how to do ‘scap’ push ups in the video below
Karl added: “Most of us just do the big movements for a variety of reasons. However, we need to specifically train our smaller, accessory muscles because they’re super important as well. Without solid foundations, all of your lifts and activities will suffer.”
He finished with a provocative question: “Are you neglecting your accessory work?” If you are struggling to break through a plateau, perhaps it’s time to answer it.

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