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Melina Khan
Posted on Jul 25, 2022
A woman filmed a man intensely staring at her while she worked out at a gym inside of a mall. She later said he watched her for over 20 minutes. 
Briana (@yourstrulybriana7) posted a video Sunday walking on the treadmill at a gym, in which she pans to a man outside the gym who is watching her through a window as she works out.
“I’m just trying to do my cardio smh! The only bad thing about the gym being connected to a mall,” Briana captioned the post, which was viewed more than 2 million times by Monday.
In the video, the man is sitting at an arcade game in the shopping mall, where the gym is located. He is also eating a snack while scanning Briana up and down, at one point leaning in toward the window.
Several commenters pointed out what appeared to be a wedding ring on the man’s finger.
“Not with the wedding ring on,” one person wrote.
“I hope his wife see this,” another commenter said.
Other viewers discussed the man’s behavior.
“The fact that he’s not even trying to play it off,” one commenter wrote.
“He saw you recording and didn’t care ??? Lord help him. Watching like he at the strip club,” another said.
In the comments section, Briana clarified she did not know the man and said he watched her for 20 minutes.
“I thought once I pulled my camera out he would turn away. NOPE,” she wrote.
Harassment and unwanted attention while at the gym is common among gym members. A 2021 survey from athleticwear site RunRated found that more than 56% of female gym members have experienced harassment at the gym, nearly three times more than male gym members.
The Daily Dot reached out to Briana via TikTok comment, Instagram message, and email.
Melina Khan is a New England-based journalist and editorial intern at the Daily Dot. Her work has previously appeared in The Day, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, and more than 30 NBC station affiliates nationwide.
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