Sixt Rent A Car Suffers Worldwide System Outage, Causing Chaos At Rental Stations – Check Your Contract/Bill! – LoyaltyLobby

Customers who had a reservation with Sixt Rent a Car yesterday and today are affected by a large-scale system outage that won’t let either customers or Sixt station access reservation records.

Customers were informed by voice mail and text message that the company has “technical issues” and that the rental process might take longer and that reservation system aren’t accessible.
I had a SIXT reservation at Los Angeles Airport yesterday and it was pretty bad there, although I’m surprised how easy it was for me to get a car without Sixt really being able to verify much of anything.
First I got a missed call from Omaha on my cellphone while going through security at Las Vegas Airport and when I called that number back it was a message from Sixt alerting me of these issues.
A short while after a test message arrived as well:

I was bracing for the worst and had a Hertz backup reservation just in case Sixt turned out to be a shit show which I fully expected it to be. Turned out it wasn’t all that horrible at the time I arrived.
It did help that I had my reservation accessible and that it was reserved through Sixt directly (I’m also a Sixt Cardholder with Diamond status in the case that had any impact).

The information from my reservation email was then taken to fill out a manual contract and the station associate authorized my credit card via phone through a specific hotline in the amount of only ONE US$. The authorization number was then also added to the rental contract.
It will be interesting to see how this is eventually going to be billed given the fact that due to some flight delays I was picking up the car at 6 pm and will return it at the same time. I’ve written an email to the Diamond Service about this just to have a record.
The upgrade was minimal this time, I received a BMW2 which is fine to drive around a bit for two days but the car is a little small. They didn’t even have a Camry or Altima, both of which are much more spacious.
As of this time you still can’t reserve any car or modify a reservation:

Something must have gone terribly wrong there if they aren’t able to get this under control within two days. Thankfully my reservation has insurance and everything included so I don’t have to worry about me just dropping off the car tomorrow without any further issues. The only thing is that I have to get that out/in time properly noted in case there is some billing dispute about that later.
I’m surprised how tight-lipped Sixt is about all this. Just a small banner on the top of the website:
We are experiencing technical issues in our contact centers. Please use self service to make changes to your reservations and rentals.
Ehm, yeah unfortunately that’s not possible. You get an error message when you try this.
Sixt is having massive problems with its reservation and CRM system. If you have a Sixt reservation coming up this weekend I recommend you have the reservation details handy and ideally printed out if at all possible.
It remains to be seen how long it takes until they get this under control and deal with the fallout of having rentals coming back who haven’t gotten a proper electronic contract for several days. Who is going to process all these? That must be a nightmare. My price was $144 for two days and hopefully, it’ll be billed accurately. I strongly recommend checking your credit card after the rental to make sure everything is properly done!
As the cherry on top Sixt isn’t communicating this openly on their website and just has minimal public information about the situation. No word on social media either.
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