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Toronto-based fitness company sets out to disrupt the home recovery and performance product space, with the world’s 1st heated vibration foam roller with interchangeable sleeves.
Toronto-based company, Salus Performance, is set to release its first product, the Salus Roller, on Kickstarter on August 10th, 2022. Founded by Kalum Lamothe (Edmonton) and Kiyo Monteith (Toronto), the team also includes Dr.Andreas Saltas (New York) and David Simpson (Miami). Salus has created the first triple-therapy foam roller that combines heat, vibration, and pressure with interchangeable sleeves (harder vs softer, extrusions vs flat, etc.) into one patent-pending, recovery, and performance device. 
“During my 4th title defense at Bellator 279, I chose the Salus Roller to enhance my recovery and performance helping me secure the win!” – Cris Cyborg, Bellator Featherweight Champion (MMA’s only grand slam champion)

Kalum (CEO) set out to create the world's 1st heated vibration foam roller in 2015. As a lifelong athlete who competed at the highest levels, Kalum personally experienced injuries that derailed his goal of representing Canada in speed skating, at the Olympics. While looking for effective treatments, Kalum traveled across North America to work with the best therapists available and found that the most commonly utilized remedies included heat (ex. heat pads), vibration (ex. handheld vibration devices), and pressure (ex. massage).
Although foam rollers that either heated or vibrated were widely (and successfully) available, he found a clear gap in the market – no company had released a foam roller that combined both heat and vibration into one device. Additionally,  the Salus Roller has a unique 18” length to improve stability while rolling and has a smaller diameter to help penetrate deeper into the muscle. Thus, the idea of the Salus Roller was born.

The million-dollar question – why combine heat, vibration, and pressure into one product? 
Individually, heat, vibration, and pressure are all effective therapies that lead to positive effects on a person’s biomechanics but take varying degrees of time, money, and knowledge to utilize efficiently. “Instead of treating yourself with a heating pad, then a vibration device, and then a foam roller, we have integrated all three into one process,” Kalum says.

When combined, research has shown that the user can also get a layering result that actually improves the overall effectiveness:
–  Improved flexibility, range of motion, and PPT when adding vibration of 33-62 Hz to foam rolling (source: Front. Physiol., 21 December 2020, Sec. Exercise Physiology)
–  Improved power, and agility when using a vibrating foam roller (source: Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
–  Reduced pain and stress when combing pressure and heat therapies (source: Neural Engineering for Rehabilitation Article ID 2826905)
–  Increased blood flow and reduced recovery time when combining heat and vibration therapies (source: Med Sci Monit. 2011; PMID: 21873956)
Over the last few years, the Salus Team has diligently worked through a number of prototypes that were developed, tested, and optimized in Edmonton, AB. Although the pandemic slowed progress, the Salus Roller is now being user-tested by a comprehensive network of Olympians, World champions, physiotherapists, first responders, professional and amateur athletes, as well as general fitness enthusiasts across North America. The Salus Roller is patent-pending and is now on the precipice of an official launch on Kickstarter this August 10th. 

With the launch of the Salus Roller, Salus has set out to empower people, regardless of what their fitness journey looks like, with an effective and efficient home recovery device. “Our goal is to help people like you, regardless of your fitness level, improve the way your body feels, recovers, and performs!” Kalum says. 
Free ones body, and unlock it’s biomechanic potential. Available on Kickstarter this August 10th, 2022
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