LeBron James nails down shots in a gym as he goes into his 20th year in NBA – TalkBasket.net

The longevity that LeBron James has been showing is exceptional. A new video shows the four-time NBA champion knocking down shot after shot in a gym.
The coming season will be his 20th year in the league. Despite being an accomplished superstar, James is constantly looking to improve his game and add new weapons to his arsenal.
LeBron looking sharp as ever going into year 20 🤦🏽‍♂️ He’s worked so hard but also smart to make it to this point. We are seeing something never before done everytime he steps on the floor nowadays because the ability is so elite at such a deep stage in a career.

🎥 @Cbrickley603 pic.twitter.com/boDhqmx4KD


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