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Latrobe woman goes viral on TikTok after difficulty getting back to Pittsburgh International Airport
PITTSBURGH — Luray Hixson of Latrobe posted a video on TikTok about her awful journey home from Italy last week on Delta Air Lines. She said she had a connection through JFK airport and that’s where she said everything went wrong.
They changed her gate several times, moving her to separate terminals and then her flight got delayed by 12 hours.
“I’m sitting in an airport holding out hope that this flight it going to leave at 10 a.m. but at 7 o’clock this morning, guess what? It got canceled. Now I’m stuck in New York five and half hours away from home and I can’t even rent a car because they are all taken,” said Hixson in her TikTok video.
Her TikTok video has more than 3 million views now. She said other Pittsburghers were on her flight going through the same exact thing.
“It was like I was in a movie; it was like I was a hostage at this airport,” said Hixson. “It was so traumatic, not given answers and feeling stranded.”
Luckily, her mom was able to save the day.
“She said, ‘Honey I am on the highway, and I am coming to bring you home.’ And I just sobbed,” said Hixson.
Hixson is one of many people dealing with flight delays and cancellations this summer. I asked a local travel expert what’s causing the chaos.
“We got several factors: No. 1, increase demand, more than I have ever seen. We have fewer flights in a post-COVID environment and airlines took a financial beating during the worst of the pandemic and then staffing issues, which include flight crews, baggage handlers and huge lines for check in,” said Mollie Fitzgerald, a co-owner of Frontiers International Travel.
The expert said the airline issues could impact those traveling for July 4th. That’s why she expects more people will drive to their destination because of the flight problems and higher ticket costs.
“But compared to losing some of your precious holiday time to an airport delay, a lot of people are opting for that,” said Fitzgerald.
According to AAA, this Independence Day is setting a new travel record. It will be the second busiest since 2000, with 42 million people hitting the road despite high gas prices.
AAA offers the following advice:
Advice from local travel agent Mollie Fitzgerald:
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