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National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer Jerry Diaz works out at BBJ Athletics.

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WHETHER you’re an athlete or someone who regularly works out, it is important to know how to recover from an injury, said Jerry Diaz, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and a former member of the CNMI basketball team.
National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer Jerry Diaz works out at BBJ Athletics.
“Injury is part of sports,” Diaz said.
 During a basketball game when he was still playing for the CNMI team, he tore his left knee ACL and had to go through a three-month therapy  that involved performing a sequence of physical activities  before he could train and compete again.
“I also needed to reduce my muscle mass and body weight to reduce the impact on my left knee during plyometric movements:  running, jumping, and sprinting,” he said.
To this day, Diaz said he must stay disciplined to keep his body weight down and maintain a healthy muscle tone.
Just like Diaz, any injured athlete must go through a recovery phase. This starts with a doctor’s clearance and may include surgery to avoid further injuries.
Then comes physical therapy clearance. The physical therapist will help an injured athlete perform a series of progressive movements.
This will be followed by a recovery program under a fitness trainer who will also need to review the doctor’s and physical therapist’s individual reports.
Diaz said therapy approaches vary and are based on a person’s reaction to the inflammation and tissue rebuilding phase.
A four- to six-month recovery period that includes regular consultations with a doctor and a physical therapist is crucial to the rebuilding phase, he added.
As the individual begins to  recover, his or her range of motion will improve and the individual will experience less pain and tightness.
Diaz said it is important to stick to the time frame suggested by your doctor and physical therapist. Otherwise, you may reinjure yourself.
For professional fitness inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.
Sports Reporter
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