MS Dhoni: Former Indian Skipper & His Love For Poultry & Organic Farming – Krishi Jagran

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Former Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been a trend-setting celebrity. From his unique game strategy to his hobbies, MS Dhoni has always amazed us. After a successful cricketing career of almost 16 years, he took retirement from International Cricket.  
Since then, MS Dhoni is seen indulging in different conventional & unconventional activities. One such great venture is farming in his farmhouse in Ranchi, Jharkhand. MS Dhoni has been growing many organic fruits & vegetables on about 10-acre land in his 43-acre farmhouse in Ranchi.
The fruits & vegetables grown in MS Dhoni’s land include tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries, peas & more. The tomatoes & cabbages from his farm are said to have a huge demand in the local market of Ranchi.
It seems like M S Dhoni is all set to take his farming business to a global platform. According to reports, vegetables from his farm will be sold in the markets of Dubai. Jharkhand’s Agriculture Department has taken up all the responsibilities of sending these organic fresh produces from Ranchi to Dubai. 
Kadaknath Chicken (Kadaknath Murga) – the Pride of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh has made a special identity all over the…
Apart from horticulture, he has also started to work on animal husbandry on his farm. As per reports, 75 cows of breeds such as Sahiwal are being reared in MS Dhoni’s farmhouse.  Dhoni also started his own batch of 2,000 black “Kadaknath” chickens in his organic poultry unit, which is located in Ranchi.
The meat of Kadaknath chicken has a GI tag and is perceived for its delicious taste with dark flesh and dark blood. It is liberated from cholesterol & fat. Kadaknath chicken is additionally called Kali Masi (Fowl with Dark Tissues), it is an Indian type of Chicken.
It is originally from Dhar & Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, and Baster & bordering areas of Rajasthan & Gujarat covers around 800 Sq. miles. These creatures are generally produced by provincial poor, tribals & Adivasis.
Kadaknath chicken is considered sacred & sacrificed to Goddess after the Diwali Festival. There are 3 assortments namely jet black, penciled & golden. The variety’s meat has a fat substance of around 0.75-1% contrasted with 15-25% of the other chicken breeds. The meat from this variety has GI sign label affirmed by the Indian government on 30th July 2018 
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